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Press Release

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gaiia Launches a UTOPIA Fiber Integration

May 29, 2024

NEW: Automation for ISPs operating on Open Access Networks with our UTOPIA Fiber Integration

At gaiia, we're excited to launch a robust integration with UTOPIA Fiber, introducing simplified workflows for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) leveraging Open Access Networks (OANs). This integration brings forth a suite of functionalities designed to help ISPs automate the entire customer journey on the UTOPIA Fiber Network. In the article, we will highlight the various processes that our integration automates.

Effortless Activation and Management

A key highlight of our integration is its ability to seamlessly kickstart and oversee the customer activation journey, sparing CSRs the need to log in to both the UTOPIA Fiber portal and the ISPs OSS/BSS. Once triggered, the gaiia workflow completes an address validation and submits the activation request, guaranteeing a hassle-free process for customers. As UTOPIA finalizes the activation, gaiia promptly updates the customer's account status and billing settings, resulting in a one-click process for a new customer activation.

Streamlined Service Lifecycle Management

Cancellation, suspension, and reactivation processes are now simplified and automated with gaiia's integration. gaiia is able to initiate cancellation and suspension requests with UTOPIA Fiber, updating the workflow and customer account status accordingly upon completion.

Previously, ISPs needed to update subscriber information and billing settings in their OSS/BSS, as well as the UTOPIA Fiber portal, resulting in an annoying manual process that required multiple steps and was prone to human error.

Efficient Speed Modification and Service Requests

Customers can request speed modifications through gaiia's client portal. These requests are automatically communicated to UTOPIA Fiber, and upon confirmation, the workflow concludes, updating services and pro-rating the billing.

Customer Lead Management:

In instances where customers sign up directly on UTOPIA's website, gaiia can generate an activation ticket, providing the ISP operations team with essential information to create a new account within gaiia. This streamlined synchronization process ensures that duplicate requests are avoided. Once UTOPIA completes the activation, the workflow updates the account status to ‘Active’ and starts the billing cycle automatically.

Looking Ahead: Driving Innovation for ISPs

We're committed to further enhancing our integration with UTOPIA Fiber and bringing more innovative features to empower ISPs, making operations smoother, faster, and more efficient. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

For further details or inquiries about gaiia's comprehensive suite of ISP solutions, reach out to our team or visit gaiia's website.

About UTOPIA Fiber

UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency) Fiber is a group of 11 Utah cities that joined together in 2004 to build, deploy and operate a fiber to the home (FTTH) network to every business and household within their communities. Using an active Ethernet infrastructure and operating at the wholesale level, UTOPIA Fiber supports open access and promote competition in all telecommunications services.

May 29, 2024

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