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Workforce & Scheduling

Field technician management

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Mobile workforce app

As a technician using the gaiia app, you will have access to everything you need to complete a job in one system.

  • Customer location

  • Task instructions

  • Customer overview

  • Equipment

  • CSR notes

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Improve technician efficiency & customer satisfaction

Technician scheduling

Assign and schedule tasks to your field technicians with instructions.

Real-time tracking

Provide your team with accurate information about technician location and job status.

Automated work orders

Create workflows that trigger provisioning and installation following a customer checkout.

Other solutions for your business

With our flexible and modular platform, you can use as much or as little of gaiia as you like.

Learn how our integrations can centralize your technician management and communications

Kelli Sturkenboom

Head of customer success

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