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Online checkout

Streamline new customer acquisition

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Simplify customer onboarding and maximize conversions


Define your entire checkout flow from products & services offered to colours and branding.

Customer onboarding

Automatically have equipment assigned and shipped, billing set-up, and a network assigned.

Address validation

Validate addresses via Zip Code upload, Tower Radius (WISP), or Available Buildings (MDUs).

Installation scheduling

Sync technician calendars for customer installation scheduling.


Upsell products & services during sign-up to boost ARPU (e.g., additional routers, TV, phone).

Marketing integrations

Integrate Google Analytics & Email for checkout tracking and abandoned cart messages.

Other solutions for your business

With our flexible and modular platform, you can use as much or as little of gaiia as you like.

Learn how gaiia checkout increased our conversion rate by 6x at oxio

Marc-André Campagna

CEO / Co-Founder

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