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Our solution for multi-dwelling units

At gaiia, we understand that managing Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) presents unique challenges for ISPs. That's why we've developed a Properties Module tailored specifically to simplify and optimize MDU operations.

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An illustrated MDU buildingAn illustrated MDU buildingAn illustrated MDU buildingAn illustrated MDU buildingAn illustrated MDU buildingAn illustrated MDU building

Flexible to all MDU types

Bulk building


Manage large-scale service agreements directly with property owners. Our module allows for accurate billing & customizable settings at the property level.

Retail building


Own the relationship directly with the customer. Create a customized checkout flow for tenants to sign up & become activated instantly.

Hybrid building


The properties module allows for specialized billing logic designed to split charges between property owners and individual tenants.

Interface of gaiia for properties

Intuitive account structure

Managing the complexities of multi-dwelling units is now effortless. With gaiia’s properties module, you have the ability to structure units within properties,  and properties within groups. This intuitive structure ensures a clean and easy-to-understand relationship management for all technicians and customer service representatives.

Image for intuitive account structure
Image for specialized MDU billing logic

Specialized MDU billing logic

One of the standout features of our properties module is its specialized billing logic. We understand the intricacies of MDU billing, and our system reflects that. Notably, you can split billing between property owners and tenants, offering the flexibility to allocate charges via a percentage or dollar amount. This ensures a fair and transparent billing process for all parties involved.

Streamlined Unit Onboarding

gaiia offers a white-labeled checkout solution for tenants, enhancing their onboarding experience. Tenants can conveniently access this feature by scanning a QR code, where they can securely input their credit card information. This streamlined process allows tenants to sign up for services, upgrade their plans, and gain access to their personalized client portal quickly and easily.

Checkout example to streamlined units of a property

Other solutions for your business

With our flexible and modular platform, you can use as much or as little of gaiia as you like.

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Learn how gaiia's Properties module has enabled ISPs to acquire more customers from existing MDUs

Marc-Olivier Alain

Head of Product

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