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Billing & Revenue Management

A billing engine that does
what you need

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Get paid whenever & however you want

Payment processors

IPpay,, Stripe, and many more. If you need it, we will integrate it.

Payment options

We support credit cards, bank transfers, cash, cheques, & crypto.

Tax management

A built-in custom tax management solution as well as integrations with Stripe Tax & Avalara.

Invoice generation

Customizable & automated invoice creation delivered to customers via email or SMS.

Subscription management

Easily handle multiple subscriptions, products, partial months, refunds, and delinquencies.

Flexible billing cycles

From monthly subscriptions to hourly rates for one-time services.

Other solutions for your business

With our flexible and modular platform, you can use as much or as little of gaiia as you like.

Let’s explore if our billing solution will fit your business needs

Marc-Olivier Alain

Head of Product

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