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Customer management

Manage your customers with ease

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An all-in-one solution for customer management

White-labeled checkout

A secure customer checkout that allows for end-to-end automation.

Account overview

A central hub for all customer information, providing CSRs a single source of truth.

Automated operations

One-click activations, cancellations, speed modifications, and more.


Manage all customer communications with personalized emails & texts.

Equipment tracking

Know exactly which devices each customer has at their home for more efficient troubleshooting.

Client portal

Allow for customers to modify their plans & settle outstanding balances.

Other solutions for your business

With our flexible and modular platform, you can use as much or as little of gaiia as you like.

Learn how oxio reduced customer churn by 25% after onboarding gaiia.

Kelli Sturkenboom

Head of customer success

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