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New customer

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New Customer Announcement: Zeta Broadband

April 29, 2024

Zeta Broadband Leverages gaiia for a Unified Operating & Billing System

We're delighted to announce the successful migration of Zeta Broadband to the gaiia platform. Zeta Broadband is an emerging Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) committed to delivering high-speed connectivity to underserved regions around Sacramento, California & rural New York.

Seamless Transition to gaiia: A Milestone for Zeta Broadband

The successful migration of Zeta Broadband from Sonar v2 to gaiia highlights the synergy between gaiia's technological capabilities and its customer-centric approach. By providing hands-on guidance, personalized training, and leveraging proven migration scripts, gaiia ensures that ISPs can transition to their platform with confidence, setting the stage for enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Bill Burnett, CEO of Zeta Broadband, expressed his appreciation for the partnership: "Migrating to gaiia was not just about adopting a new platform; it was about transforming our operational approach. The gaiia team played a pivotal role in making this transition as seamless as possible. Their hands-on support and tailored solutions, like the unified platform for our New York and California operations, have been game-changers for us. Now, we can manage both brands more efficiently."

Innovative Features and Integrations Designed for Zeta Broadband:

  1. Unified Platform for Dual Operations: One of the key drivers for Zeta Broadband's switch to gaiia was the need to integrate their operations in New York and California seamlessly into a single system. gaiia made this a reality, providing a unified platform that offers comprehensive visibility and control over both brands within one tenant.
  2. Enhanced FreeRADIUS Workflows for Service Provisioning: gaiia's integration with FreeRADIUS now allows Zeta Broadband to automate key customer workflows including: Service Activation, Plan Modification, Cancellation, Suspension, & Reactivation.
  3. Custom Payment Reconciliation Reports via Snowflake: The gaiia team developed tailored payment reconciliation reports that enable Zeta Broadband to separate financial data by state and payment status. This customization is crucial for the Zeta accounting team, as it streamlines business operations and aids in meeting specific tax obligations in both New York and California.

Marc-Andre Campagna, CEO and Co-founder of gaiia, emphasized the significance of this partnership. "We're thrilled to collaborate with Zeta Broadband and provide them with an integrated solution that simplifies operations and enhances their customer journey. This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering ISPs like Zeta Broadband to flourish in a dynamic digital landscape."

About Zeta Broadband, Inc.

Zeta Broadband is a locally owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider delivering broadband internet access to residential and business customers throughout the Northern California region. Started in 2006, Zeta has quickly become a regional leader in the wireless industry. Priding itself on excellent customer service and a great customer experience has been Zeta's key to success and steady growth. For more information, please visit the Zeta Broadband website.

About gaiia

gaiia is a leading provider of OSS/BSS solutions for the telecommunications industry. With its comprehensive platform, gaiia offers ISPs an all-in-one solution for billing, CRM, operations, automation, and more. Founded with a vision to simplify and optimize ISP operations, gaiia empowers providers worldwide to deliver exceptional services and drive growth in the digital age. For more information, please visit gaiia's website.

April 29, 2024

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