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Product update

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Q3 2023 - Product Update

October 23, 2023

USA Coverage Areas

Within the product catalog you can now create and manage coverage areas based on US states, counties, cities, or zip codes. This flexibility allows you to tailor product availability to your customers' specific locations. Whether you're looking to cover a general geographic area or a list of specific zip codes, our autocomplete fields and quick upload options ensure a seamless process. This feature also empowers ISPs using our white-label checkout to efficiently restrict product availability based on location, offering a more customized experience for your customers.

Reporting | Snowflake Integration ❄️

With gaiia's new Snowflake integration, you're no longer limited by canned one-size-fits-all reports or piecing together multiple CSV exports. Our seamless integration opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore, interpret, and utilize your data in anyway you wish. Whether you're an established ISP with a tech-savvy team and a robust BI tool, or a startup just beginning your journey into analytics and reporting, this feature empowers you to steer your operations with data-driven decision making. Below are a few key highlights about the solution:

  1. Customizable Reporting: Tailor your reports like never before. Handpick the data points that matter most to you and apply filters, sorting, and grouping options. With this level of flexibility, you'll unlock insights that are tailored to your unique needs.
  1. Scheduled Reporting: Stay ahead of the curve with automated report generation on a schedule that suits you. This feature streamlines the reporting process, ensuring you're always in the know about your operations.
  1. Visual Insights: Snowflake’s solution translates complex data into clear and concise visuals like charts, graphs, and tables. Spot trends, identify anomalies, and make well-informed, data-driven decisions with ease.
  1. Secure Data Access: Data safety is non-negotiable. Snowflake’s role-based access control guarantees your sensitive information remains confidential. Control who has access to what, offering robust data security within your organization.

Discounts & Fees

  1. Delinquency Fee - When an account is considered delinquent, the delinquency fee can be automatically applied to a customer account. The fee name and amount will then be added to the customer invoice, as well as included in all gaiia reports for internal tracking. Discounts and Fees can now be created within the gaiia Product Catalog, and applied on a one-time or recurring basis. This allows for ISPs to better manage and automate their installation fees, delinquency processes, and custom discounts.
  1. Recurring Discounts - You can now offer customers a discounted price without having to create a new product or manually adding a custom discount each month. The recurring discount ($ or %) can be applied to a customer account on a monthly basis, without any human interaction needed on future invoices.

Leveraging recurring Discounts & Fees will save your billing team time every month, and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

IPPay Integration

gaiia now seamlessly integrates with IPPay as a new payment method, offering ISPs even more options alongside existing processors like Stripe, GoCardless,, MercadoPago, and PayValida. This addition ensures industry-leading payment processing capabilities within gaiia, granting ISPs the freedom to choose their preferred payment partner.

While developing the IPPay integration, our team listened to the frustrations & limitations that our customers have had on other platforms and addressed them. Below are two unique features we made sure to add to our integration:

  1. Credit Card Payments - Chargebacks can be processed
  1. Verifying Bank Payments - Bank payments can take multiple days before they settle or fail. Rather than marking the payment as successful immediately after the transaction happens, gaiia marks the payment as complete only when the bank has settled the payment successfully.

Archive Products & Versions

We're excited to introduce a feature that simplifies your product management. Now, you can archive products and product versions you no longer wish to have appear within gaiia's workflows and actions, all without requiring deletion. Archiving products doesn't affect existing accounts with active subscriptions, ensuring a smooth transition.

Archived products are conveniently moved to the "Archived" section of your Product Catalog. They can be reactivated if needed. This enhancement benefits ISPs with larger product catalogs, or those who are constantly testing new plans and offers.

Custom Debits

gaiia now allows users to create custom debits within accounts without the need to select a subscription or a specific product. This feature empowers users to enter a custom debit amount and description, both of which will be prominently displayed on the customer's invoice. Whether you need to invoice a unique one-time fee or custom installation costs, custom debits provide flexibility without the hassle of creating products or additional subscriptions.

About gaiia

gaiia is a leading provider of OSS/BSS solutions for the telecommunications industry. With its comprehensive platform, gaiia offers ISPs an all-in-one solution for billing, CRM, operations, automation, and more. Founded with a vision to simplify and optimize ISP operations, gaiia empowers providers worldwide to deliver exceptional services and drive growth in the digital age. For more information, please visit gaiia's website.

October 23, 2023

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